• Skill based progression

  • Confident in the water

  • Learning the basics of stroke development

  • Group class of up to 4 children

The Platypus class sees the introduction of bilateral breathing while swimming freestyle. This level also covers more advanced principals of backstroke with children starting to swim the full stroke independently.  Breaststroke kick is also introduced in this level, with children focusing on symmetry.  Water safety elements include problem solving and implementing survival techniques over distance.  At the end of this level children should be swimming freestyle with bilateral breathing, as well as independent backstroke. 

Children will progress into the Silver Perch class once they can consistently demonstrate the following abilities:

  • Confident swimmer 

  • Can do backstroke 

  • Can keep eyes in water whilst blowing bubbles for a minimum of 5 seconds whilst moving through the water

  • Can produce breaststroke kick with a little help

  • Can streamline kick through the water independently 

  • Can tread water and roll onto their back 3 x times over 10min

  • Can produce freestyle with bilateral breathing without a kickboard

  • Can do a safety fall in and roll onto their back into a back float independently.