Rainbow Fish

  • Aged 2-3 Years

  • Group class of up to 6

  • Swimming with advanced independent mobility

  • Children who may have a small amount of water and swimming experience to swimming children who are quite comfortable and agile in the water

Continued water familiarisation and breath control techniques including increasing the time your child can hold their breath underwater. Building on your child’s natural buoyancy skills to independent floating with and without your help. Extending your baby’s natural grasp ability to teach them to hold on to you whenever they are in water and monkey along the side of the pool to you or to a safe exit. Learning to kick and paddle on cue and to understand that either is needed for your child to move through water. Opportunities for your child to swim independently. Learning vertical turns back to you and the wall as part of water safety.

Children will progress into the Yellow Belly class once they turn 3 years old and can consistently demonstrate the following abilities:

  • Can accept water and able to kick their legs on cue

  • Comfortable with water on face

  • Can float and kick on back with support

  • Can blow bubbles

  • Can swim independently to a teacher or parent

  • Can hold breath comfortably for a minimum of 5 seconds

  • Can vertically turn front to back with/without assistance

  • Has basic arm movements which can propel them through the water

  • Can monkey along the wall independently

  • Can safely enter and exit the pool independently.