• 4+ Years

  • Beginners

  • Group class of up to 4 children

Our Turtle class is a teacher and child level for beginners. Perfect for children who are slightly anxious about the water, or who have never done lessons before, the turtle level is all about building confidence. This class focuses on giving your child the tools to submerge comfortably and propel through the water by kicking and paddling. We teach the basics of water safety, including safe entries and safety falls. By the time your child is ready to move up from this level, they will be confidently swimming under the water to their teacher or to the wall. Beginning to kick on their back and float with support.

Children will progress into the Crayfish class once they can consistently demonstrate the following abilities:

  • Can accept water, blow bubbles and am comfortable without a parent in the water

  • Can do a safe entry independently

  • Can jump and submerge independently and can monkey along the wall independently

  • Can propel through the water using arms and kicks 

  • Can turn back to the wall after a safety fall in with assistance

  • Can comfortably kick and float on my back with little support 

  • Can tread water for 30 seconds with assistance

  • Can swim unassisted to an instructor for 5-7m.