• Ages 1-2 Years

  • Swimming babies with independent mobility

  • Babies who may have a small amount of water and swimming experience to swimming babies who are quite comfortable and agile in the water

  • Group class of up to 6

Our Yabby class aims to advance your child’s breath control skills, extending their breath holding for over 5 seconds. Children will focus on kicking and paddling on cue and while submerged, as well as learning to be comfortable floating on their back. This level has an extended focus on gripping and vertical turning as part of key water safety skills that are developed and added to at every level within our learn to swim program. Safe Exits in and out of pool.

Children will move into the Rainbow Fish class once they are 2 years old and can demonstrate the following abilities:

  • Can accept water and can kick legs when submerged

  • Comfortable with water on their face

  • Can float on back with or without support

  • Can hold breath for up to or equal to 5 seconds 

  • Can vertically turn front to back with assistance

  • Can kick legs when cued

  • Can blow bubbles when cued

  • Can enter and exit the pool safely.