Corowa Aquatic Centre Q & A with Back on Track Physiotherapy

Published on 21 May 2021


This week the Corowa Aquatic Centre team caught up with our friends from Back on Track Physiotherapy to discuss all things Aquatic and Physiotherapy.

Back on Track Physiotherapy host low-impact physiotherapy sessions at our Centre, which take place in the indoor heated pool. Conducted by trained physiotherapists from Back on Track Physio, these sessions focus on sports and musculoskeletal physiotherapy.

Back on Track Physiotherapy’s purpose is to provide an innovative first-class service by way of establishing real connections with their clients and delivering real results. We are so pleased to have them offer physiotherapy at our Centre. We hope you enjoy our Q & A feature with Back on Track Physiotherapy below.

What are the positives of getting active in the water?

In the water there is the potential for lots of different types of exercises. The water is a good way to decrease weight through your body’s joints, decrease pain and help with swelling. This often means people can do more with less pain.

Who in particular can benefit from getting active in a pool?

To do aquatic physiotherapy, you first need to make sure that all medical conditions are stable and get clearance from your health professional. Aquatic Physio is aimed at all age levels (from babies to older people) and all fitness levels. It can be used to treat musculoskeletal, neurological and pain conditions. It can also be helpful for people who have had other conditions like cancer or lymphodema or pre/post surgery.

Are there some simple exercises people can do in the pool to get them started?

Before starting, again we recommend that people have recommendations on movement before just getting started. For a lot of our clients, the water means that we can work on their balance and their walking. For some people, walking in the pool is a simple but effective way to improve this.

What do you like about the new indoor heated pool at Corowa Aquatic Centre?

At Back on Track Physio, we are passionate about good quality healthcare in regional communities. We believe that people shouldn’t have to travel to access services that people in bigger cities have access to. We love that we get to provide a service in Corowa that was previously unavailable. We like the facilities and accessibility of the pool with the ramp and the size of the changerooms.

The pool temperature has been consistently around 28 degrees, how can this help people get active? What we can sometimes see is that over winter, with the shorter/cooler days is that some people decrease their activity levels. By having access to this facility and the constant temperature, it is a good way to stay active without freezing and losing your fitness levels over winter.

What services are Back on Track Physio offering at Corowa Aquatic Centre?

We are currently running 4 supervised aquatic physiotherapy sessions per week. Our sessions are run with the physiotherapist in the water with you at all times. Everyone that is participating in our program has an individualised program that is specifically designed for them to help them achieve their goals.

How can people participate?

They can call us on (02) 6033 0933 or book online on our website to make an appointment for an assessment with one of our aquatic physios!

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