Corowa Aquatic Centre to reopen

Published on 10 September 2021


It is with great excitement, that the Corowa Aquatic Centre Team can announce, that we will be reopening our doors to our valued patrons from 8am, Saturday September 11.

We welcome the news in that parts of regional NSW, including the Federation Local Government area, currently deemed low risk and which have seen zero COVID cases for at least 14 days will emerge from lockdown at 12:01am Saturday 11 September.

Under the current restrictions, the Corowa Aquatic Centre is eligible to reopen, under the one person per 4sqm rule and our aqua classes can also recommence for up to 20 people per class.

Aqua classes are set to recommence from Thursday, September 16.

Corowa Aquatic Centre's Duty Officer of Public Pools, Jo Laws said the aquatic team looked forward to reopening the doors.

“We have been inundated with enquiries as to when we will open, people have really missed being able to use the facility,” Ms Laws said.

“We cannot wait to welcome back our many valued users of the Corowa Aquatic Centre.”

Ms Laws said, that the team were confident in their Covid Safe Management Practices and requested all users to continue to work with the team to make sure restrictions were being met.

“Our users are not shy to Covid restrictions, they have been great in supporting us to meet our Covid Safe management requirements in the past and we know they will do it again. I would like to take this opportunity to thank all users for their continued support, we really appreciate it.”

Given the extension of lockdown, the Corowa Aquatic Centre Management team have made the decision to postpone the launch of the Learn to Swim Program that was scheduled to be launched four weeks ago. The program will now begin in term four.

Ms Laws said, given that the lessons would only run for one week, senior swimming instructors felt that in order to meet the true purpose of the aquatic curriculum in building confidence and skills in the water, it would be better to launch the program when lessons could run consecutively, over many weeks, rather than just one week before the school holiday break.

“This was a difficult decision, but made with the very best intentions for our hundreds of junior swimmers that have signed up to be a part of our exciting Learn to Swim Program,” she said.

“Our team will be providing further details on our relaunch of the program early next week. Enrollments continue to climb, with over 270 enquiries to date. We know the program has been so well received, and look forward to launching it when the setting is right for our junior swimmers.”

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