• Skill based progression

  • Confident in the water

  • Group class of up to 4 children

Our Crayfish class commences the journey of learning strokes for your child. We start with freestyle in this level, with children practicing their freestyle arms and starting to learn the concept of side breathing.  This level also develops your child’s skills on their back through sculling and kicking which form the very basic skills for backstroke.  Water safety elements become more advanced with children learning to tread water and roll onto their back and perform more advanced safety falls.  By the time your child is ready to move out of this class, they will be swimming basic freestyle independently, and be comfortable while floating on their back with some introduction in backstroke.

Children will progress into the Platypus class once they can consistently demonstrate the following abilities:

  • A reasonably confident swimmer 

  • Can float on back with little support comfortably for a minimum of 5 seconds

  • Can keep eyes in water whilst blowing bubbles for a  minimum of 5 seconds and while moving through the water

  • Can comfortably kick on back with a kickboard

  • A strong kick which can propel them through the water 

  • Can do a safe entry and exit independently

  • Can competently produce freestyle arms through the water 

  • Can do a safety fall in and turn back to the wall independently

  • Capable of swimming basic freestyle for 7m independently 

  • Can tread water for 10 seconds independently.