• Aged 6-12 Months old

  • Swimming babies bonding with Mum or Dad in the water each lesson

  • Group classes of up to 6

In our Shrimp class we focus on creating a positive connection between your baby and the water. There are lots of fun songs to make learning to swim fun for you and your baby.  We spend a lot of time teaching you and your baby to prepare for submerging through conditioning and teaching breath control above the water. Only when you and your baby are comfortable will we begin submerging and extending their underwater skills. As your baby grows and becomes more mobile, we teach the beginnings of propulsion through kicking and paddling skills. Most importantly, we begin the process of teaching your baby the basic elements of being safe around water. What you and your baby learn in our learn to swim program can even be transferred to the bath or pool for practice at home too!

Babies will move into the Yabby class once they turn 12 months old and can demonstrate the following abilities:

  • Can accept water

  • Are comfortable with water on their face

  • Can hold their breath for up to or equal to 5 seconds

  • Can display basic mobility skills.