Silver Perch

  • Skill based progression

  • Confident in full strokes

  • Group classes of up to 6 children

The Silver Perch class is the first level that sees children swim the full length of the pool.  We continue to fine tune freestyle and backstroke technique, while focusing in more detail on breaststroke kick with the introduction of breaststroke arms. Water safety concepts are extended in this class with children learning survival backstroke. By the time your child is ready to move up from this level, they will be swimming freestyle and backstroke confidently, survival backstroke and producing symmetrical kick with arms whilst swimming breaststroke.

Children will progress into the Murray Cod class once they can consistently demonstrate the following abilities:

  • A confident swimmer 

  • Can produce symmetrical breaststroke kick & arms

  • Can swim 25-50m comfortably and independently 

  • Can tread water and roll onto their back x4 

  • Can streamline kick through the water independently 

  • Can do an underwater somersault with assistance

  • Can produce freestyle with bilateral breathing independently without a kickboard

  • Can swim survival backstroke over the length of the pool x2

  • Can swim backstroke without assistance.