Yellow Belly

  • Advanced infants and pre-schoolers aged 2.5- 4 Years

  • Group class of up to 4 children

  • Independent swimmers

  • Able to be safe and comfortable in the water without a parent

Our Yellow Belly class is for children who have been swimming in the Rainbow Fish class or have had previous lessons, and who have displayed an ability to follow instructions, as well as a high level of confidence in the water. Children in the Yellow Belly level are swimming without a parent in the water. The focus of this class is on independent swimming through kicking and paddling. Your child will also be introduced to equipment such as kickboards and noodles. Water safety elements include treading water and independent safety falls and recovery. We aim for children who graduate from this class progress directly into a Platypus level.

Children will progress into the Crayfish class once they can consistently demonstrate the following abilities:

  • Can accept water, blow bubbles and comfortable without a parent in the water

  • Can comfortably kick and float on their back with little support

  • Can jump and submerge independently

  • Can do a safe exit and entry independently

  • Can hold breath comfortably for a more than 10 seconds

  • Can monkey along the wall to safety independently

  • Can propel through the water using arms and kicks independently.